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College of Archaeology and Tourist Guidance

About College

The study began at the College of Archaeology and Tourism Guidance with the academic year 2007-2008 based on Ministerial Decision No. 2560 dated 20/9/2007.

The College is committed to providing studies on Ancient Egyptian Archaeology, Islamic Archaeology, Restoration and Conservation of Antiquities, Tourism Guidance, and Arab-Peninsula Archaeology. We aspire to collaborate with the Arab-Egyptian community for the advancement of such studies. The College awards bachelor’s degrees for graduates of all its departments.


Department of Ancient Egyptian Archaeology

The Department of Egyptian Antiquities is engaged in studying the diverse aspects of the ancient Egyptian cultural heritage including non-transferable monuments such as temples and as well as transferable antiquities such as statues, amulets, and other artifacts, stored in different museums in addition to the study of the ancient Egyptian Language with its different scripts.

The department provides an outstanding and advanced level of teaching and training in the field of Egyptology and aims to prepare specialists in the field of Egyptian archaeology in its various periods.

The study plans for the specialization of Egyptian antiquities have been prepared according to a comprehensive perspective that focuses on the scientific and cognitive formation of the student, as well as on linking knowledge formation with skill through language learning and information technology, and through experience through training and field practice. The department’s curricula are characterized by keeping pace with the latest scientific and academic developments in archaeological studies in its various branches. They include studies of ancient archeology, in the light of modern theories in archeology. The department also carries out field training work in scientific excavation sites, in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

Department of Islamic Archaeology

The Islamic Archeology Program focuses on studying the Islamic civilization and archaeology from the Early Islamic period until early modern history, as well as a good awareness of Coptic Heritage and History of Art. The Islamic Archeology Track aims to graduate qualified archaeologists in the field of Islamic archaeological heritage in line with the latest scientific trends; to meet the labor market needs, and the environment, through the continuous update of academic curricula, scientific capabilities, College staff, assistants, and students.

Department of Arab-Peninsula Archaeology

The program aspires to become an Egyptian pioneer regionally since 2012 in the field of archaeology of the Arabian Peninsula, scientific research, and to be active in society’s service and bettering the environment.

      The goal of its program is to prepare a specialized graduate and researcher capable of competing locally and regionally in the Archaeology field of the Arabian Peninsula by providing school courses and scientific activities in the skills of scientific research, and to be a contributor in the service of society and improving the environment.

      Also to prepare the student with the essential tools of the work to be capable to write scientific reports, by improving his Arabic and English language; besides to understand the culture of the different societies of the region  and to know how  to share the work with the team, and the Ethics of the  archaeology work

Department of Restoration and Conservation of Antiquities

The Department of Restoration and Conservation of Antiquities at the College of Archeology and Tourism Guidance – Misr University for Science and Technology is interested in the study of antiquities materials, techniques, and conservation, whether they are organic (wood, textile, manuscripts, mummies, etc.), or inorganic (Stones, Murals, Metals, Pottery, and others) by using the latest academic courses, laboratories, and scientific devices through a select group of specialized professors, to prepare a distinguished specialist in the restoration and maintenance of antiquities who is able to preserve Heritage and Cultural Holdings in Museums, archaeological sites, and archaeological Excavations, accordance with recognized international standards.

Department of Tourism Guidance Department

The Department of Tourism Guidance qualifies prospective tour guides who can efficiently introduce Egypt’s historical, cultural, and natural assets to local & foreign visitors.

Through its professionally developed courses and carefully sequenced curriculum in Egyptian history, archaeology, and culture, the Tourism Guidance Department highly prepares professional tourist guides for the tourism industry. Department students also receive efficient training in museums and touristic sites.

Graduates of the Department of Tourism Guidance are eligible for membership of the Egyptian Syndicate of Tour Guides & other archaeology and tourism-related organizations. 

College Administrative

  • Prof. Omaïma EL-SHAL
    Dean of the Faculty of Archaeology and Tourism Guidance
    • Prof. Abir Enany
      Vice-Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Service
    • Dr. Radwa Mohamed Omar al- Farouk Haggag
      Acting Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies & Research
    • Prof. Ahmed Ameen
      Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
Message of The Dean
College Goals

Message of The Dean

The College of Archeology and Tourism Guidance at Misr University for Science and Technology is unique cause it links archeology and tourism guidance in five different departments: Ancient Egyptian Archaeology, Islamic Archaeology, Restoration and Conservation of Antiquities and Tourism Guidance. The College also includes a unique department at the level of the corresponding faculties in Egypt, the Department of the Arab Peninsula Archeology. The college aims to prepare a graduate capable of taking responsibility and advancing society and keeping pace with scientific developments.

College Vision

The College of Archaeology and Tourism Guidance, Misr University for Science and Technology aspires at becoming a distinguished educational institution in its academic programs, scientific research, and community service, both on the regional and international levels.

College Mission

The College of Archaeology and Tourism Guidance, Misr University for Science and Technology is committed to providing highly qualified graduates in its various academic programs, in line with scientific developments, and active in community service and environmental development, in accordance with the moral values of the society.


College Goals

    1. Prepare qualified and efficient graduates to serve the tourism and antiquities sector.
    2. Provide the students with the required knowledge and skills through specialized education and training programs.
    3. Offer academic and practical support to students in order to ensure the distinguished quality of education.
    4. Provide the student with specialized knowledge and provide him with the necessary skills to practice in community service.
    5. Develop students’ skills to deal with different cultures and respect diversity.
    6. Develop the students’ abilities to interact with global developments and changes related to the tourism and archaeological fields.
    7. Apply multidisciplinary approaches in the field of tourism and antiquities.
    8. Develop the student’s critical and logical thinking and solve the problems he faces.
    9. Provide the student with knowledge of the treaties, laws, and legislation governing the tourism and archaeological fields.
    10. Develop the student’s students’ linguistic skills to enable them to use the necessary scientific references.
    11. Provide the students with the necessary skills to use modern technological applications in the field of tourism and archeology.
    12. Provide the students with specialized knowledge and the necessary skills to spread awareness of the importance of antiquities and the need to preserve them.
    13. Provide the student with the right attitude towards the management of touristic and archaeological sites.

Quality Assurance Unit

  • The Quality Assurance Unit at the College of Archeology and Tourist Guidance is affiliated to the Quality Assurance Center at Misr University for Science and Technology is administratively affiliated to the Dean of the College.
  • The Quality Assurance Unit was established at the College of Archeology and Tourism Guidance based on the approval of the College of Archaeology and Tourism Guidance’s Council in its session 3/10/2010, and it is included as a unit within the organizational structure.
  • Unit vision:

Access to local, regional, and international accreditation.

  • Unit Message:

Continuous development and qualifying the college for programmatic accreditation and then institutional accreditation, in line with its mission and strategic objectives in order to gain the trust of the university and the outside community in its graduates, through a specific strategy, and a clear implementation plan to support the college’s competitive ability, and its contribution to the development of society and the environment.

  • Unit Objectives:
  1. Adopting modern and advanced mechanisms for the development of the educational process, in accordance with the standards of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in order to achieve the mission and objectives of the college.
  2. A guarantee that the conditions and requirements for obtaining quality assurance and accreditation are met and qualify the college to obtain accreditation.
  3. A guarantee the quality of follow-up to the effectiveness of the college’s educational programs and its institutional capacity and setting plans for improvement and continuity.
  4. Developing and improving the outcomes of the learning process within the college.
  5. Raising the level of the external community’s confidence in the college’s educational outcomes.
  6. Communication with the Quality Assurance Center at Misr University for Science and Technology to keep pace with developments in the field of implementing quality assurance and accreditation systems.
  7. Follow up the implementation of the academic programs and departments in the college of quality assurance systems and accreditation standards to serve the educational process.
  8. Development of the overall performance, for all target groups.
  9. Preparing qualified cadres. To maintain the overall quality in the college.

Continuous self-evaluation of the college’s performance, as an educational institution, in various fields; Education, research, and community service.


The College of Archaeology and Tourism Guidance seeks to prepare distinguished graduates with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for the market. It also aspires to create strong ties with the graduated by inviting them to the College’s special occasions and graduation parties