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Graduate Program


About College

Today’s pharmacist is an integral member of health care teams along with physicians, nurses and others. Our curriculum supports interdisciplinary education and focuses on the development of professional leaders

College Mission
College Vision

College Mission

To graduate pharmacists according to National Academic Reference Standards (NARS), who meet the needs of the local and regional job market and the requirements of advanced drug manufacturing. Pharmacists who are able to perform innovative scientific research and provide community pharmaceutical care, training, and scientific counseling within ethical values.

The college values excellence in teaching, research and scholarship, drug therapy management, and public services.  In order to achieve this mission, the college strives to do the following:

  • Apply innovative and proven educational strategies to let pharmacists obtain the knowledge and skills required to serve their patients and the pharmaceutical industry in an ethical and professional manner.
  • Provide a graduate program in which students acquire advanced knowledge and research skills in the pharmaceutical sciences to assume positions as educators and scientists in academia, industry, and government settings.
  • Conduct competitive basic, clinical, social, and administrative science research that improves pharmacy education, pharmaceutical research, pharmaceutical care, and public policy.
  • Foster research and service programs to discover and apply new knowledge.
  • Prepare graduates to become competent when dealing with daily demands, challenges, and rewards of contemporary and industrial pharmacy practices and to move forward with confidence, innovation, and professionalism.
  • Disseminate information about medication use and misuse to the community.


College Vision

The vision of the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Manufacturing Misr University for Science & Technology (MUST) is to be distinct college and academically accredited in pharmaceutical sciences locally and internationally. Our graduates shall deliver essential pharmaceutical services and lead the profession. Our research, scholarships, and practice shall result in the development of new drugs, drug delivery systems, the optimization of drug use and the advancement of the pharmaceutical industry. Our M.Sc. and Ph. D. graduates shall be outstanding researchers in academia, industry, government, and practice settings.


  1. Provide a dynamic and innovative curriculum based on the didactic and experiential components.
  2. Continue to implement an assessment program that includes faculty, practitioners, and students input.
  3. Continue the student affairs program activities involving faculty and staff to enhance recruitment, admissions, advising, progression, and awarding of scholarships.
  4. Strengthen the graduate programs.
  5. Continue to improve faculty developments.
  6. Enhance communications among faculty and students.
  7. Provide patient care, professional, and public service to the residents of 6th October and Sheikh Zayed.


  1. Continue to enhance use of strategies that improve active learning, lifelong learning, and develop critical thinking. In addition to enhancing problem solving and psychomotor skills through the use of effective teaching strategies.
  2. Develop approaches to help students integrate basic science and applied pharmaceutical sciences that underlay application of pharmacy practice.
  3. Monitor the curriculum content to assure its relevance to practice.
  4.  Increase the use of innovative techniques by faculty to enhance student’s learning in the courses.
  5. Continue to hire and retain the best qualified academics to teach the undergraduate and graduate curriculum.
  6. Provide scholarships for research presentations by graduate students at scientific meetings.
  7. Encourage common-use instrumentation based on needs identified by the college and individual departments.
  8. Establish an integrated, multidisciplinary Research Center and Bioequivalence Service Center in the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Manufacturing.
  9. Hold discussions with other institutions regarding collaborative research.
  10. Encourage faculty members to utilize available resources to enhance teaching effectiveness.
  11. Support faculty members who seek to introduce innovations in their course work.
  12. Continue to distribute bulletins, memos, and schedule meetings to keep faculty abreast of needs and developments.
  13. Schedule meetings as requested or needed for faculty administration to communicate with professional and graduate students.
  14. Collaborate with other health professionals to provide high quality of pharmaceutical care services in institutional and community settings.

Procedures to enroll for postgraduate studies

Each department specifies the number of applicants enrolled & the obtained degree according to the following:

  1. Certificate of the Bachelor degree or its equivalent
  2. Final accumulated grades of the years of study
  3. Total score of the major course
  4. The oldest student applying

Enrollment & studying dates

Each student should apply within one month prior to the beginning of the study during Fall & Spring semesters. The academic year is divided as follows:

  1. The first semester starts in September for 15 weeks
  2. The second semester starts in February for 15 weeks
  3. The summer semester starts in July for eight weeks

System of study

The university follows the credit hours system. The holder of a bachelor’s degree in special education from Egyptian universities or an equivalent has the right to apply for a master’s degree in one of the specified majors.

  1. Once credit hour in one course is equivalent to 15 hours of study
  2. Internal regulations of each faculty specify the required credit hours
  3. It takes a one-hour exam for each credit hour
  4. Exam results are divided into Oral, Written, & Practical

Documents submission required

  1. A file folder
  2. Bachelors certificate with overall GPA & grades obtained during years of study
  3. Birth certificate or official copy of it
  4. Six personal photos
  5. Approval of the specified department
  6. Submitting all required documents to the postgraduate administration
  7. Payment of tuition fees in the due time specified by the postgraduate administration
  8. Foreign students should submit a letter from  their Embassy including an approval for enrollment in postgraduate studies & clarifying financial status
  9. Foreigners should submit a health certificate from Ministry of health

Today’s pharmacist is an integral member of health care teams along with physicians, nurses and others. Our curriculum supports interdisciplinary education and focuses on the development of professional leaders